The Silence, The Tranquillity, The Beauty and the Remoteness make for an ideal escape from the Maddening World.

Get away from this Maddening World, escape to Southern Africa with its endless options of finding your ideal spot to recharge your mojo. Be it South Africa, Namibia or Botswana on Safari, each country is open for travel with all the protocols in place to keep you as safe as possible and away from this terrible pandemic that eats away at the core of our being. Take time out to stop worrying and to just be you again. Each of these destinations has a multitude of luxury safari options to enjoy.

South Africa, sometimes known as a world in one country has lodges and camps to suit each individual budget from exclusive private stays for just you and your friends or family, where you take over the entire lodge or camp, to others where you would join other like-minded folk sharing a camp however given that most of these camps have wide open spaces your all-inclusive suite is located away from your neighbour and the main public facilities, making for an exclusive stay. These camps and lodges are reached by scheduled commercial flights or by private scheduled flights directly into the lodge or camp. We would only promote those lodges or camps that are small and intimate allowing for maximum social distancing.

Namibia is a country, not for the faint hearted but for the adventurous as it is barren in places, stark in others yet has a beauty that can only be experienced in person. Forget the TV documentaries that try to show you this unique country, home to the oldest desert with is stunning dunes and desert adapted wildlife. Get away to such a remote lodge or camp that no other person is within miles of you.  Absolute luxury is offered at these remote camps, which can only be reached by light aircraft. Want for nothing as everything you need is included… just enjoy the stillness and beauty of this endless country.

Botswana is a land of plenty when it comes to wildlife. Large prides of lion, huge herds of Elephant and Antelope. There is an abundance of birdlife, each species with its own song of life. Take in this big sky country staying at any one of the remote luxury camps located in either the heart of the  Delta on islands set amongst the canals that bring water from far away, or at camps located  on the edge of river banks in the middle of nowhere, attracting animals from far and wide.

The Southern Hemisphere is heading into summer and what better climate in which to recharge. Hot days, warm nights… beautiful sunrises awaken you and stunning sunsets setup the exquisite night skies. A morning game drive, in the still coolness of the night, in an open vehicle as the sun rises followed by breakfast before taking refuge in your air-conditioned suite or to laze by your private plunge pool. Light lunch is followed by a late afternoon open vehicle game drive stopping for sundowners at a special place before heading off to look, by spotlight, for those elusive night animals, particularly the predators that come out to hunt at night. Dinner is served back at the main lodge before a peaceful night’s sleep… or go stargazing before retiring. A few days of recharging amongst the wildlife out in the open, is food for the soul.

Connect with us to find your ideal remote escape away from the Maddening World, just to recharge and to face the world again. Escape for some fresh air!