Zimbabwe is situated in southern, central Africa between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers. It is tropical country, but it is stretched over a  plateau  averaging  900m  (2,953ft)  above  sea  level,  therefore  its dry  winter  months  supply  a  climate  as  pleasant  as the people you will encounter.

Despite the fact that Zimbabwe seems British in many ways, the newly independent country has developed its own distinctive character.   It is an  earthly  paradise  where  the  convenience  of  modern  technology is  combined  with the vibrancy and warmth of the African experience. Lively markets, overcrowded, dilapidated buses and friendly, colourful people  are  around  every  corner  in   the  bustling towns, and almost everyone  will  be  able  to  speak  some  English    but  it  is  not like Zimbabweans to let a little thing like a language barrier prevent communication and hospitality.

Zimbabwe is an ancient and mysterious land whose rock shelters bear traces  of  a  nomadic  civilisation  dating  back  to  3000BCE.    It  is also home to the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, one of the most impressive remnants of a powerful African civilisation, built in the early part of the 13th century.

Most  visitors  are  overwhelmed  by  the  unspoilt  wilderness  which dominates  the  country's   landscape  and  the  game  parks,   which do more than meet expectations of experiencing the beauty of wildlife silhouetted  against  an  African  sunset.   Undoubtedly,  Zimbabwe's biggest attraction,  which even the most spectacular photographs can never  capture,   is  the  exhilaration  of standing under the thunderous spray of the majestic Victoria Falls. The unit of currency is the Zimbabwe Dollar.

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WARNING: We would only suggest visiting around Victoria Falls at present!

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