Hi, I'm Chris. I am a co-owner in AfriTours.
My responsibility is to help you plan your dream holiday to Southern Africa. I used to be a tourist guide and more recently I have been instrumental is setting up the tour operations for both American Express Travel Services and Thomas Cook in South Africa. I will closely work with you sharing my knowledge and experience and put together an ideal travel itinerary.
Hi, I'm Laurette. I am a co-owner in AfriTours.
My responsibility is to put all your travel arrangements together once your intinerary has been set. I will ensure that all the appropriate bookings are made to give you hassle free travel. I also co-ordinate our staff operations and look after the overall administration of the company.


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P.O. Box 37546
Valyland 7978
Cape Town
South Africa

Phone:(+2721) 782-6979
Fax:(+2721) 782-3499


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