From a portfolio of four hotels in 1984, Protea Hotels has expanded rapidly and is today the largest hotel group in terms of numbers of hotels in Africa, with the most extensive network. It has management and franchise agreements, as well as several joint ventures, with over 100 hotels. These are spread throughout South Africa, as well as Réunion, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia and Egypt, thus completing the Cape to Cairo tourism axis. Negotiations are currently taking place regarding Protea's expansion into other African regions on both the East and West Coasts of Africa - areas where Protea has a distinct trading advantage.

Protea Hotels has also been awarded a management agreement for Aventura Resorts, which consists of 17 resorts with multiple leisure facilities.

The partnership concept has worked well and has enabled Protea to help people grow through the organisation and to develop a dynamic corporate culture which, in turn, forms the platform of its future growth.

Key to this growth will be our ability to empower those around us. Many people have been marginalised due to circumstances beyond their control. We are going to assist in the creation of the kind of future that our children will be proud to live in one day.

Africa's largest and leading hotel group, Protea Hotels, now displays its special brand of hospitality in over ten African and Indian Ocean Island countries, as well as London!

Each Protea Hotel is uniquely different in character and our collection ranges from small country hotels, sea- and lakeside resorts to mountain retreats, bustling city centre hotels and our prestigious portfolio of Premier Protea Hotels.


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