A moment before dawn. A moment of peace before the eastern horizon becomes a strip of vivid ochre. The signal that the sun is about to embark on its daily journey and bake the veld dry. For now, the air is clear, clean, silent and still. Above and below the ground, night creatures settle to rest. Before the temperature climbs, day feeders stir to slake their thirst. Dazzling birds fluff their feathers and prepare to greet the return of light. You could only be here in Botswana. A soft, melodious call rouses you from a deep and comforting sleep to announce your early morning cup of tea. Eagerly, you prepare for the greatest show on earth: nature at its finest. You are with Orient-Express Safaris in the Okavango. You could be nowhere else, because nowhere else on earth is remotely like this.

Botswana is a country for the intrepid traveller; a wilderness of vast, open spaces from savannas and desert, to wetlands and saltpans.Man has a long-established presence here, for there are traditional villages and ancient rock paintings that stand testimony to their presence. Humans have long enjoyed this most beautiful part of Southern Africa.

Here, at the Okavango, wildlife exists in abundance, but the wildlife will only thrive with limited interference from mankind. At Orient-Express Safaris, we have found a good balance. We have constructed three lodges in Botswana that have been adapted to the environment surrounding them.

Within Northern Botswana lie numerous diverse ecosystems, Orient-Express Safaris camps being strategically located within three of these pristine environments. Each is run by experienced Camp Managers and offers the services of expert professional Rangers. Guests can use the three safari camps to serve as the departure points from which to explore the three ecosystems.

A stay at any of the three camps of Orient Express Safaris is inclusive of luxury accommodation, all meals, all beverages and wildlife viewing activities.


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