African Quest is our travel partner that covers all travel arrangements
in and around East Africa.

Serengeti • Masai Mara • Kenya • Tanzania • Zanzibar

"The Cradle of Mankind"
Where nature has endowed its very best from rock caves,
to mountains and acres of wilderness to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Kenya is bordered to its west and south by the other East Africa countries, Uganda and Tanzania, and to its North by Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan.East Africa contains the best of all worlds, from the idyllic beaches and marine reserves of the Indian Ocean, to the majestic wide-open wildlife parks, the Savannah grasslands, the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro of Tanzania, and Kenya's very own Mt. Kenya. It also boasts equatorial rain forests, lakes and hot springs, exotic tropical flora, fauna and fruit, and many fascinating indigenous cultures.

African Quest Safaris organizes tours and safaris throughout East Africa giving clients a taste of what each country has to offer, or allowing them to experience both their cultural wealth and physical beauty.

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