Namibia,  formerly known as South West Africa, is a country blessed with  a  largely  barren,   yet  striking  landscape.  It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west,  Botswana to the east, South Africa to the south  and  Angola  and   Zambia  to  the  north.   Of  all  the  coastal desert  regions  in the world,  Western Namibia is definitely one of the most captivating. Northern Namibia forms a contrast to the rest of the country,   with  its  rich  farmland  fed  by   the  Okavango  and  other rivers  flowing  south  from  Angola.   The  Caprivi  Strip,   a   narrow panhandle  of  Namibian  territory  jutting  from  the  northeast  corner of the country, only adds to the splendour of the country.

Namibia  has  one  of  the  lowest  population  densities  in   the world. Added to the wide horizons and unspoilt landscapes,  the country also boasts about 300 days of sunshine per annum, making it an ideal destination for the all outdoor enthusiasts. The unit of currency is the Namibian Dollar with the same value as the South African Rand.


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