Botswana  epitomises  the  term  'wide,  open spaces'. It is a large, flat and predominantly dry country, with an area of 581,730kmē (224,607 milesē),  which  makes  it  roughly the same size as France or Thailand. Botswana shares borders with South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Most of the country is covered by the vast Kalahari Desert,   which is arid  and  sparsely  populated.   Botswana  as a whole has only about 1,450,000  inhabitants,   most  of  whom  are  based in  the  populous eastern  corridor,    which  is  where  you'll  find  the   modern  capital: Gaborone.   This  area  is  also where you'll find most of the country's mining boomtowns.

Many  of  Botswana's natural attractions are gradually becoming more accessible  to  visitors  as infrastructure  is  upgraded.   Among  these attractions are the wondrous and unique Okovango Delta which is the world's  largest  inland  delta,  the vast Makgadikgadi Salt Pans which are  the  largest  salt  pans  in  the  world  and  the  diverse   wildlife of the  Chobe  National  Park. The unit of currency is the Pula.


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