AfriTours are personal travel consultants based in Cape Town, South Africa.  It is a travel-related business with the emphasis on travel product delivery and personal service.

Our staff comes with a host of local and international travel experience. With over 200 safari experiences and over 300 accommodation establishments inspected, all services used and all products mentioned have been personally experienced so suggestions come from first hand experience.

The philosophy of the company is not to have fancy offices, an incredible stationery line and flashy brochures but to provide sound advice, quality travel itineraries and a personal service. A major key success factor is to listen to our customers and hear what they are asking for!

AfriTours has been in business since 1996 and is a registered South African company which is compelled by law to keep a set of financial accounts and operate within the norms of the law.

AfriTours is an accredited travel company, which is recognised both locally and internationally. This recognition affords AfriTours preferential treatment and importantly, preferential rates.


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P.O. Box 37546
Valyland 7978
Cape Town
South Africa
Phone:(+2721) 782-6979
Fax:(+2721) 782-3499


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